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HP Pavilion 15.6″ Model: 15-eh0090wm Ryzen 5 4500, 8GB RAM, 512 SSD (Live on 11/11) $379

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Deal Image
HP Pavilion 15.6" Model: 15-eh0090wm Ryzen 5 4500, 8GB RAM, 512 SSD (Live on 11/11) $379

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SHEIN Review – Try New Trending Clothing

A lot of you have asked me to do a Shein review and answer some questions about shopping there. So I did a little shopping haul and rounded up some of the top questions you had and answered them here for you! If you know just a few things about shopping at Shein, you’ll find the experience a lot easier, and save a lot of money on clothes! Most pieces are between $10-$15, and I often see the same things selling at boutiques for three times as much!

Shein Review and Try On



Shein Review & Common Questions

Shopping at Shein can be overwhelming at first. They have sooooo many items, and their organization is all over the place. I recommend being pretty specific with your key words when using their search option. Or, if you just want to browse for fun, you can use their tabs to look at certain categories, such as tops, bottoms, etc. They also have a newly added tab (which they literally add hundreds of things to every day). Here’s a little shein review of your commonly asked questions!

Question 1: Sizing

This is the most common question I received from you. And it is totally understandable, because Shein does not have a common sizing system for their clothes. Each piece is unique in it’s sizing. I do feel like Shein has gotten better in the last couple years in being more uniform in their sizing, though. But, the saving grace here is that Shein gives a detailed measurement guide for each piece. You need to use this! Check the sizing guide on every item (comes in cm or in). Which means you need to know your measurements! Use a tape measure to measure your bust, waist, and hips.

How to Measure Yourself

When choosing a size on Shein, I also like to look at customer reviews (if any). People often note if the item runs true to size for the measurements given, or to order up or down a size.

Question 2: Quality

Another common question I received from you was how the quality of Shein’s items compare to other stores you may shop from. I have found some amazing quality pieces, and some that aren’t so amazing, so I think it varies from piece to piece. Most items are pretty good quality for the price you pay, though. For comparison, I think the quality is similar to what you would find at H&M or Forever 21. Some of their sweaters and coats though are really great quality that is comparable to what you would buy at a boutique.

One thing you can do to check quality is look at the reviews left on the piece. A lot of people post photos close up, or with the item on, so you can see how it compares to the stock photo, or if they think the quality is good for the price. I always check this. If an item doesn’t have a review, you may have to take a gamble. But, again, for the most part I think the quality is pretty good! You can always just let me weed out the good and bad ones for you, though, and shop what I post haha.

Question 3: Plus Size Options

A few people asked if there are plus size options, or sizes bigger than a Medium or Large. I actually think Shein has a great range of plus size clothes! Since having my baby, my pants size has gone up to a 10/12, which is right on the verge of L/XL. So I have actually been buying some bottoms and skirts from their plus selection lately. I have also noticed that in their more popular pieces, Shein has been good at offering both regular and plus options. Definitely check out what they have!

Question 4: Is the Website Reliable?

I don’t blame people for wondering if ordering from Shein is safe. In the past I have ordered from other Chinese based websites and had my card info stolen shortly after. But I have never had a problem ordering with Shein. They also offer Paypal, so if you want to be extra safe with your card information, use that option!

Question 5: Returns

Shein has a really easy return system. If you don’t like something, log into your account online and access your orders. Click the item you want to return, and it will guide you step by step through the return process. You will be able to print out a return label, and you can stick that to the package it came in, or if you have an extra box lying around (which who doesn’t these days? Thank you Amazon Prime haha). The process time may take a couple weeks before they receive back your order and put the money back into your account, but it is relatively painless!

Shein Review: Try On Session

Outfit 1: Lace Blouse with Plaid Pencil Skirt

Shein Review Try On Lace top plaid skirt

Shop this look!


Outfit 2: Brown Blouse

Shein Review Try On Brown Floral Blouse

Shop this look!


Outfit 3: White Swiss Dot Blouse

Shein Review Try On White Blouse Modest Style Blog Fashion Blogger Utah

Shop this look!


Outfit #4: Pleated Floral Maxi Skirt

Shein Review Try On Pleated Maxi Skirt

Shop this look!



Outfit 5: Black Floral Dress 2 Ways

Dressed Up:

Shein Review Try On Black Floral Dress

Shop this look!


Dressed Down:

Shop this look!


Shein Review: Let’s Talk Accessories!

Shein has AMAZING prices on accessories like earrings, necklaces, and headbands. I love getting things that are trendy and I want to try out, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on in case I don’t like it. For example, the chunky headband trend! They sell these headbands for around $3 each, which I see selling for $15-$20 for the same thing at boutiques! Their earrings and necklaces usually range for $2-$3 as well. You can save major dollars on their accessories alone! Here are some of my favorites that I’ve bought lately:

My favorite earrings: (Only $2!!)


Trendy Chunky Headbands: (Only $3!!)<



Any other questions about this Shein Review? Let me know in the comments below


Chinese students in Australia targeted in virtual kidnapping scam

Police-supplied image of a woman bound and gagged in a staged kidnap
Image captionPictures of the staged kidnappings were provided to police

Chinese students in Sydney are being targeted in a kidnapping scam forcing them to pay massive ransoms to fraudsters, Australian police say.

In many cases, blackmailed students were forced to stage their own kidnapping and send video proof to relatives in China to obtain funds.

Eight “virtual kidnappings” have been reported this year, including one where a A$2m (£1.1m;$1.43m) ransom was paid.

Victims had believed they or their loved ones were in danger, police said.

New South Wales (NSW) Police said the scheme had “really increased in frequency throughout 2020” and was operating on an “industrial scale”.

They have urged students to immediately report any threatening calls they receive.

How does the scam work?

Authorities said the “call centre-type” scam was being operated offshore, which made it difficult to track.

It typically involves a fraudster pretending to be from the Chinese embassy or another authority, ringing victims and informing them that they have been implicated in a crime in China or are facing some other threat.

The scammers, who usually speak Mandarin, then demand the student pay ongoing fees in order to avoid arrest or deportation.

In some cases, the students are also convinced to cease contact with their family and friends, rent a hotel room and fake a hostage situation to obtain funds from their relatives overseas.

In one case, a father had already paid more than A$2m (£1.1m; $1.43m) in ransom payments, before receiving a video of his daughter gagged and bound in an unknown location.

Police-supplied image of a woman wearing a ripped shirt bound in a staged kidnap
Image captionPolice in Sydney have received reports about eight such cases this year

He then contacted police in Sydney who, after an hour’s search, found the woman safe and well at a hotel room in the city.

In other cases reported to police this year, payments ranged from A$20,000 to A$300,000.

“On some occasions, [families] have basically paid every cent they’ve got,” said Detective Chief Superintendent Darren Bennett.

In many of the cases, when police were contacted they typically found the victim safe the next day. Often the victims felt too embarrassed or ashamed to report the crime.

“The victims of virtual kidnappings we have engaged are traumatised by what has occurred, believing they have placed themselves, and their loved ones, in real danger,” said NSW Police.

Why are people falling for it?

Police said the scam was operating on a mass scale, and appeared to involve a blitz of automated phone calls sent to anyone with a Chinese surname in the phone book.

“They cast their net very widely and they’re getting a few people who fall for it, which is very lucrative for them,” said Mr Bennett.

He noted that there had been a sharp increase in the past few months, where “pretty much every weekend we’ve had a victim fall for one of these scams.”

Advocates for international students in Australia say they have been more vulnerable amid the pandemic due to their reliance on casual work, and their exclusion from government welfare.

Police said “cultural factors”, as well as the isolation of some international students, made them a vulnerable target.

Victims could then be manipulated into extremes such as faking a kidnap because they had fallen under the scammer’s “psychological control”, Mr Bennett said.

“Students can do two important things to protect themselves against these types of crimes – firstly, be aware they exist and secondly, ask for help early if they think it might be happening to them or someone they know,” said NSW Police.

There have also been reports of such frauds occurring in New Zealand and the United States.


Chengdu: US leaves consulate amid row with China

American diplomatic staff have left their consulate in the Chinese city of Chengdu, after a 72-hour deadline expired.

China ordered the closure in response to the US closing the Chinese consulate in Houston, Texas last week.

Before Monday’s deadline, staff were seen leaving the building, a plaque was removed, and a US flag was lowered.

China’s foreign ministry said Chinese staff entered the building after the deadline and “took over”.

A US state department spokesperson said: “The consulate has stood at the centre of our relations with the people in Western China, including Tibet, for 35 years.

“We are disappointed by the Chinese Communist Party’s decision and will strive to continue our outreach to the people in this important region through our other posts in China.”

As the US consulate closed, local residents gathered outside, with many waving Chinese flags and taking selfies.

Last Wednesday the US ordered the Chinese consulate in Houston to close, alleging that it had become a hub for spying and property theft.

Tensions have been escalating between the two countries over a number of issues:

A man attempts to remove the diplomatic plaque form a wall of the US consulate in Chengdu, China. Photo: 26 July 2020
Image captionWorkers began to remove the diplomatic plaque from the US consulate on Sunday

What happened in Chengdu?

Chinese state media showed pictures of lorries leaving the consulate and workers removing diplomatic insignia from the building.

On Monday morning, state broadcaster CCTV posted a video of the US flag being taken down.

Dozens of Chinese police were deployed outside the building, urging onlookers to move on.

However, boos were heard when a bus with tinted windows left the building on Sunday, AFP news agency reports.

When Chinese diplomats left their mission in Houston last week they were jeered by protesters.

Why did China choose to close the US consulate in Chengdu?

Last week the foreign ministry said the closure was a “legitimate and necessary response” to the actions taken by the US.

Staff at the consulate were “engaged in activities outside of their capacity, interfered in China’s internal affairs, and endangered China’s security and interests”, the statement said.

The Chengdu consulate, established in 1985, represented US interests over a vast area of south-western China.

The consulate was seen as strategically important, because it allowed the US to gather information on Tibet, where there has been long-running pressure for independence. Rights groups have long accused China of religious repression and human rights abuses in Tibet, which Beijing denies.

With its industry and growing services sector, Chengdu also is seen by the US as providing opportunities for exports of agricultural products, cars and machinery.

Police in Chengdu
Image captionPolice were guarding the premise from onlookers

The majority of the diplomatic mission’s more than 200 employees were hired locally.

The closure leaves the US with four consulates in mainland China and an embassy in the capital Beijing. It also has a consulate in Hong Kong.

What happened in Houston last week?

China lost its Houston mission last week, but still has four other consulates in the US and an embassy in Washington DC.

After a 72-hour deadline for Chinese diplomats to leave the Houston consulate expired on Friday, reporters saw men who appeared to be US officials force open a door to enter the premises.

Media captionMen using a hose and closing rubbish bins at China’s consulate in Houston

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Washington had acted because Beijing was “stealing” intellectual property.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin responded that the US move was based on “a hodgepodge of anti-Chinese lies”.

Why is there tension between China and the US?

There are a number of things at play. US officials have blamed China for the global spread of Covid-19. More specifically, President Trump has alleged, without evidence, that the virus originated from a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan.

And, in unsubstantiated remarks, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said in March that the US military might have brought the virus to Wuhan.

The US and China have also been locked in a tariff war since 2018.

Mr Trump has long accused China of unfair trading practices and intellectual property theft, but in Beijing there is a perception that the US is trying to curb its rise as a global economic power.

The US has also imposed sanctions on Chinese politicians who it says are responsible for human rights violations against Muslim minorities in Xinjiang. China is accused of mass detentions, religious persecution and forced sterilisation of Uighurs and others.

Beijing denies the allegations and has accused the US of “gross interference” in its domestic affairs.